The Koa Dojo is affiliated to JKS  (Japan Karate Shotorenmei)

Dojo Rules

1 - Must bow as you enter and leave the Dojo
2 - Must arrive at class in time to start at beginning of class (already changed into Gi). If late you must kneel at entrance and wait to be asked to join the class by Sensei then bow and
3 - Wear clean Gi (Karate Suit)
4 - Have clean hands and feet
5 - Keep clean, short finger nails and toe nails
6 - Respect all others in the dojo and obey your superiors (Sempai and Sensei)
7 - Must train minimum twice per week and attend both session immediately before and immediately after grading (all gradings will be at Sensei’s discretion and decision is final based on ability). Those failing to show this level of commitment will not progress and will not be eligible for grading 
8 - Monthly fees paid on 1st of each month, annual membership and license within first 2 weeks of each year
9 - No talking whilst class is in progress
10 - Must enter with the attitude to learn and pay attention at all times
11 - Be considerate to others
12 - No Jewellery or watches to be worn (permanent piercings must be taped)
13 - No chewing gum